A1 Educare Online Educational Platform released

A1 EDUCARE is an online educational platform built to transform the trend in teaching and learning from the four walls of our classroom to a virtual platform using modern means of communication. This can be achieved by using MOBILE APP AND THE WEBSITE.

A1 EDUCARE is a trusted platform built to increase students/pupils access to high quality education through information technology to influence academic performance in achieving a benchmark of excellence in our daily endeavors by professional teachers around the globe.

Promoting quality interaction between professional teachers and students through information Technology where no one is disadvantaged irrespective of where one is located or schooling. We bring quality education to the doorstep of every student who subscribes to our platform. We fulfil our mission by:
Engaging excellent teachers throughout the country and the globe to prepare effective notes to the platform.
Periodically organize test for our students and electronically send student’s performance to interested parents/guardians.

Our APP can be downloaded from the Google Play Store to our phones for easy access to students and teachers around the globe. The website can also be reached through www.a1educare.com. In this case, teachers are not left out but are paid at the end of the month for uploading more coincide but detailed notes so as to benefit more.
Students are required to fill all spaces with your picture and correct information since you shall be communicated to only through the email and contact you provide. Parents receivea code that can be used to access their wards performance periodically by filling their details in the registration.

Now we have free objectives tests on the platform running from BS3 to JHS and the best performing student/pupil will be given a national recognition on our platform but mind you that we are processing SHS questions that will also be free soon.

Teachers in and around Kumasi, can book appointment with us for a video recording of your teaching for cash benefits.


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