Africa Doesn’t Need Charity, It Needs Good Leadership

Africa Doesn’t Need Charity, It Needs Good Leadership
Africa Doesn’t Need Charity, It Needs Good Leadership

The question therefore is: where are Africa’s leadership “flying schools?” How and where do Africans acquire sophistication in the leadership skills required to guide the continent into development? Children return from school in the mid-morning, in Ikarama village on the outskirts of the Bayelsa state capital, Yenagoa, in Nigeria’s delta region on October 8, 2015.

Most of the leadership development curriculum developed in Western countries may not particularly address individual situations, especially youth in developing parts of the world, who have little education as a foundation, and who are distracted by the struggle for survival occasioned by rampant poverty.
Africa needs leadership development systems, and it is incumbent on development partners and global leaders to understand how cultural differences affect these.


Wanted: effective leadership development systems Opportunities for developing leaders have never been greater in our increasingly complex world.
The reality, though, is that the elite class on the continent tends to appropriate the existing curriculum for leadership development inexpensive executive education programs in business schools, whose fees are beyond the capabilities of the major part of the population.

According to the GLOBE studies, emerging leaders in some developing countries approach foreigners cautiously; that’s because they’re not used to participative styles of leadership, and prefer bold, assertive styles of leadership.
Diagnosing leadership development needs, especially in Africa, requires an assessment of the entire leadership culture.

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