As a Young man, who is a good wife?

When it comes to choosing a wife, men always find it difficult to make good choice since they are been haunt by the experiences of their friends or neighbors’ marriage. But in actual sense there are certain factors that are considered by men before a decision is reached. We take opportunity of this space to dive into some of the factors:


  1. A good wife respect the husband – every husband expect his wife to respect him and recognize him as a leader and head of the family in our cultural environment. Contrary to this makes the man feels useless and unrecognized in the matrimonial home.
  2. A good wife lives within her means – it’s disgusting for every man to see her woman live extravagant life which their income or resources can’t afford.
  3. A good wife respect and adore the parents of the husband – she also will never speak evil of the husband to the children.
  4. A good makes time for her husband all the time – despite your business as a woman, if you respect and adore your husband you will have time for him.
  5. A good wife listens to the husband – no to say you must always agree to him but listen as you want him to listen to you.
  6. A good wife makes her husband know he is sexually attractive – use compliment words for him to know how important he is to you and will live forever with you. Always appreciate your man to know he is important to you.
  7. A good wife takes good care of her family – family here means children, in-laws and husband visitors.
  8. A good wife always seeks for peace to prevail in the home – in most cases we know as a woman you are not at fault but marriage is not a good ground to show your understanding of laws and level of education. We advise that you don’t take position to always seek for peace and explanation of stance. This can be concluded to be compatibility between the two.
  9. A good wife is honest – he will want to know what goes on in your life and be sincere to him when the time comes
  10. A good must admit she has fault – remember no one is perfect so when he comes out with one fault about you accept it whole heartedly, work on it for peace to prevail.
  11. A good wife don’t pretend fake attitude before marriage but always authentic – never disguise yourself to get the attention of a good looking man in your locality because attitude can never be hidden and when reality happens your marriage will collapse.
  12. A good wife is always an amazing friend to the husband – be real and let your friendship abilities show up even in marriage for him to feel good around you.

In conclusion, since the two come from different background if you can’t sacrifice your attitude, pride, money, dating or outing, clubbing, friendship etc. don’t plan of marriage. A man may not show concern of all these attitudes initially because it doesn’t affect him but after giving birth or two years in marriage he becomes concern and may prefer you stop one or two attitudes. But if the ego in you won’t allow to drop that attitude don’t accept a man’s’ proposal for marriage.

we shall treat who is good husband soon

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