Coronavirus: Despite’s son, Kennedy Osei flaunts designer face mask

The soaring number of coronavirus cases in the country has called for strict adherence to guidelines and Kennedy Osei is one of the popular personalities influencing attitudinal change.

Kennedy Osei, CEO of the Despite Group of Companies, has been shaping mindsets and urging fans via his social media handle to follow guidelines to prevent catching the coronavirus.

The prominent personality of the Despite conglomerate has not just been all about the narrative, but has been backing his words with action by donating to support the national effort in the preventive and containment of the deadly novel COVID-19 that has claimed eight lives.

His recent photo in a face mask emphasizes the need for people to take the coronavirus seriously.

In a bid to ensure that he stays safe from contracting the coronavirus, Kennedy Osei stepped out wearing his designer face mask while reiterating that: “Faith is the only thing stronger than fear.”

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