Council Of PTA’s Calls For Closure Of SHS Schools


In a statement, it noted that because of COVID-19, the students in school are “psychologically unstable and therefore would not be of sound mind to write the WASSCE and BECE examinations and come out successfully.” It also wants all schools closed down “to avert further spreading of the coronavirus among our children and staff.” The council came to this conclusion after a National Executive Consultative meeting.

The council said it had observed that the government had not ensured optimum safety conditions in schools and that there were still “lapses in implementation of the COVID-19 safety measures.” It noted that there was still overcrowding in schools, inadequate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) despite assurances by the state when schools were set to open on June 22.

The council also said, “not enough health personnel are either stationed in or attached to many of the schools for routine surveillance due to the pandemic.” “More worrying is the fact that despite good counsel and encouragement, most parents insist their children should be brought home,” it added.

Find below the full statement


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