On the 22nd April, 2020 the NADMO director for the district Mr. Prince Karikari allegedly went to Twedee where the items were received and kept by Methodist Bishop by name Christopher Nyarkoh in the district by using the name of the DCE as an excuse to take these items with a NISSAN NAVARA vehicle with a registration number GV8590-10.

But on Thursday, the people in the area realized that these items can’t be traced to Trede where it supposed to be sent to but Ahenema Kokoben in the house of one Maadwoa who works in NADMO office. One Assemblyman name withheld in the area raised the alarm by calling the DCE to inform him and reported this to Trede police station. The items include;

Rice 20 bags
Sardines 20 cans
Beef 3
Gari 5 bags
Eggs and others

The where about of these items can only be traced by the NADMO director for the district and Maadwoa who can’t be traced either.

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