Dormaahene fumes at EC over new voter register… watch the video.

Dormaahene Osagyefo Agyeman Badu has spoken about the current brouhaha in the compilation of new voter register. Have you ever seen Dormaahene talking with mask on? Won’t this registration spread the virus? It is not true only political parties are stakeholders in elections in Ghana because they don’t vote for themselves we the citizens vote for them. Since I assumed this throne, 5 presidents have come and gone and am still the Chief of Dormaa. From experience no political party can stay in power forever and for that matter if anyone believe that there is a mistake with the register, such person is making a mischief and must be rejected by all.

When Abu Ramadan went to court for EC to clean the register about, 56,000 voters were deleted and if you still find some wrong names why don’t you delete them but change all at this crucial period. Gone are the days when people can vote more than one and its not possible now because of bio metric registration. Ghana’s constitution don’t forbid anyone whose mother or father come from Ghana but Togolese cease to be a Ghanaian.

From my forefathers to date if am going to vote or register and anyone tells me am not a Ghanaian, does it make sense. Living in Ghana for a long time, Ghanaians are not identified by any documents but by birth and other factors.

Time left for elections are short for new voter register to be done even if the conditions are clear for the register. The EC need to gazette all pollen stations for two weeks before registration. The most sensible thing to do now is for the country to think of the corona virus and not new voter register.

The national house of Chief called on the EC’s chair Jane Mensah but till now the EC did not honour the call. For me alone, it took the  national house of Chief long time before calling on the EC. If the EC does not honour the Chiefs call, all the Chief’s must come together to forbid them from registering on our land if she is independent as she call herself let them come and arrest me if Dormaahene can be arrested. Jane Mensah must honour the call by House of Chiefs because it does not show respect.

The EC registered Ghanaians and gave us the card and we must not allow him to turn around to reject it own card as non Ghanaians? If any Ghanaian propose new voter registration at this period, such an individual or group of people are evil and wants to kill Ghanaians.

source: Agyeman Justice video page on facebook.

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