May you be set free from fear! (Sarah Sansa)

My name is Sarah Sansa, a young and passionate vessel of God, who envisions that all men have a genuine encounter with the Lord. It is my heart beat to use my voice as a tool to draw all men unto God through music and the teaching of the word of God.

It’s a goal that the world is turned around for Jesus, and to see Him glow through out the universe!


The other day Jesus slept in the boat in the midst of the storm…while others screamed for their lives and did all they could to calm the raging sea, he slept on! The question is, how could a man sleep under such a situation?

The God in man moves the man out of fear and fuel the man with great courage and trust, such that, when the wind blows he remains unmovable and unshaken.

So let your faith rise…believer! and take solace in Christ. In these times of great fear let us be rest assured that the Creator of the universe is more powerful and supreme. Living in this consciousness cleanses the heart of man and elevates his faith and trust.

Mercy has been called upon…..and Mercy has a voice?

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