Teachers to lose 50% of their salaries to covid-19

Professor Emeritus of the Ashesi University, Stephen Adei says teachers must be ready to forgo 50% of their salaries if they continue to stay at home. It’s obvious schools were closed since March 2020 because of the COVID-19.

In an interview with Joy News reporter Winston Amoah, the Educationist stated that instead of writing a letter to protest the imminent reopening of schools, they should have made some positive contributions on how to protect teachers and students and a percentage reduction in their salaries to government.

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“Being a public worker does not mean that whether you work or not you are entitled to your pay. We must have the teachers when we reopen. But I expect some positive contributions he said”. He continued by saying “And you just go and tell the government ‘oh, don’t open schools, let us stay at home’ and then you say nothing about your salary or what we should do and the protocols towards reopening. Nothing, nothing about your salary, you’re going to stay at home. This is a sign of irresponsibility,” he said

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